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Earth Creations

Hemp and Organic Cotton Clothing

We have found that our response time to consumer demand is much faster, our quality is excellent and pride in our product is much greater because we manufacture in the USA.

By purchasing our T-shirts and clothing, you contribute to the US economy. Thank you for doing your share, we appreciate it!


Earth Creations

Clay Dyed Clothing








Today And Every Day With Earth Tones

Earth Tone Colors

Throughout millions of years of geologic development of the Earth, nature created a variety of colored clays. Some of them are very abundant and present on the surface and some of them are rare and you have to dig deep to get to them. The South Eastern section of the US is rich in geologic history and provides a variety of colors.

How do we get the clay into the clothing?
Sometimes grinding is the necessary first step. In the second phase, good blending with water is a must. The mixture is then added to a load of soaked naturally colored (unbleached) clothing and stirred for about 1 hour. Subsequently, the garments are lifted from the vat and any excess water is removed. Then the dyed clothing travels to dryers. After drying, a rigorous quality inspection takes place. Finally, garments are folded and packaged.

Is it going to stay there?
Our clay-dyeing process assures lasting color. After several washes the shade will change slightly like your favorite pair of jeans.

How to care for Earth Creations’ clothing?
Our care instructions are located on the label. All of our garments are pre-shrunk. We suggest turning the garment inside out and washing in cold water (no bleach or detergent with bleach) with similar colors. Tumble dry low. Do not iron if imprinted.

How do I remove spots (oil and others)?
Accidents do happen. We suggest that you use some type of grease cutting dishwashing liquid. Please do not rub the spot vigorously or the dye will come out. Instead wipe the spot gently and soak until the spot is gone. You cannot use most stain removers because they contain bleach!!









Clothing made with Hemp has many benefits, and since no harsh pesticides are used in the process it's healthier for our skin and the environment. More Hemp Info > We live in a time of Hemp's return. Support Hemp for a greener planet!




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